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Casa Mira Towers Mandaue

Pre-Selling / Location:

Casa Mira Towers Mandaue

Wake up to beautiful mornings at an ideal place that suit your desired comfort. Step out into wide open spaces and exciting amenities in a development that gives you MORE. Make your new home Casa Mira Towers Mandaue!
Avail of our Summer Groove, Summer Move promo with a reservation fee of only Php 10,000 and equity period stretched for 42 months. Spot down payment discounts and freebies awaits you too!
Embrace a happier lifestyle in a place you can call your own at Casa Mira Towers Mandaue.
CMT-M Tower 1 LTS No: LS-07-20-022 | Tower 2 LTS No: LS-07-20–23
CASA MIRA TOWERS MANDAUE, CEBU by Cebu Landmasters, Inc.
OWN A STUDIO UNIT for as low as 6,100/month and Php. 10,000 RESERVATION FEE
Experience MORE in this condominium in Cebu!
When it comes to finding a home for your family, it is not hard to want everything — the best location, generous space, all the amenities you desire while considering budget as an important factor.
1-bedroom unit
Area: 35.67
List price: 4,651,214.10
🆓️ Transfer charges: 3̷7̷2̷,̷0̷9̷7̷.̷1̷3̷ ̷ – Savings
Total contract price: 5̷,̷0̷2̷3̷,̷3̷1̷1̷.̷2̷3̷ = 4,651,214.10
Reservation fee: 10,000.00
42 months equity: 10,900.00
Area: 20.13
List price: 2,659,056.34
🆓️ Transfer charges: 2̷1̷2̷,̷7̷2̷4̷.̷5̷1̷ – Savings
Total contract price: 2̷,̷8̷7̷1̷,̷7̷8̷0̷.̷8̷4̷ = 2,659,056.34
Reservation fee: 10,000.00
42 months equity: 6,100.00
✅ Waived transfer charge means savings of about 200-360k!




Construction Update as of May 2021


Sample Computation:


Casa Mira Towers Mandaue

Date Posted: Jun 10, 2021

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