The best place where you can find or buy Cebu quality homes and properties in Cebu Philippines.

Where I can buy homes in cebu?

I want to buy homes in cebu?

I want to buy homes in cebu Philippines?

Where I can buy properties in cebu?

Where I can buy properties in cebu Philippines?

I want buy properties in cebu

Cebu properties for sale in cebu

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Latest Properties

Pre-selling Condominium in Cebu City.

Arc Towers Cebu Condominium

Pre-selling Condominium in Cebu City.
Canduman, Mandaue

Almiya Subdivision Mandaue

Canduman, Mandaue


Celestial Meadows Memorial Garden

memorial park in Minglanilla
Mission and Vision:
Aims to be providers of preferred memorial gardens and integrated services, serving middle to high end market of every progressive town and city in Visayas and Mindanao Region.
We perpetuate investments and nurture good relationships because shareholders and stakeholders are our “Clients for Life”.
To do so, we strive to render top quality memorial developments and reliable services; and garner the best investment returns through: innovative corporate practices, professionalism, teamwork, and exemplary citizenship.

Celestial Meadows Memorial Garden, MINGLANILLA CEBU

– is still accepting sales reservations.
Celestial Meadows Memorial Garden
• From Cebu City, you may take the Cebu South Road or the SRP Coastal Road to the Municipality of Minglanilla.
• Upon reaching the Municipality of Minglanilla, proceed to its Poblacion & look for the Parish Church.
• In front of the Parish Church is a Jollibee outlet, TURN RIGHT at the corner and proceed straight up the road passing the Municipal Hall on your left and church on your right.
• Celestial is approximately 400 meters with a directional sign right across its main gate.
Parks & Garden Amenities:

  • Landscaped Main Entrance
  • Multi-Level Terrace Landscape
  • Ecunumical Chapel
  • Administration Building
  • Street & Park Lightning Facilities
  • Parking Bay & Off-Street Parking
  • Concrete Road & Pathways
  • Perimeter Fence & Security Rails
  • Men’s & Women’s Restroom
  • Underground Electrical System
  • Private Water Supply



Lawn Lots –  Price:  112,716.00 – 155,886.00

A nice greenery where your family can do outdoor activities and bonding. A 2.50 square meter lot for a two-tiered interment with marble markers.

Garden  –  Price:  561,960.00 – 1,159,612.00

Show your love and care with a garden lot, iidentified by marble niche.

This type comes in a ten (10) or twenty (20) square meter property, with 4 or 8 lots respectively. It allows two (2) half-niches.

Court Estate –  Price:  1,532,142.00

Bask in open air and natural greenerie of a well-formed eternal love and good place for meditation and reflection.

It allows owners to create their own Family Garden estate within the 30 square meters plot as an expression of love.


Family Estate  –  Price:  1,915,177.00

A structure that exudes prestige, dignity and exclusivity to your family and relatives.

It offers the family the most exclusive lifestyle in a memorial garden. The property size of 37.50 square meters is buildable with a mausoleum to inspire future generations.


Ossuary  –  Price:  20,306,00 – 22,765.00

Excellent quality for skeletal and well-defined space for urns. This monument containing a 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.6m vault dimension is the best alternatives for bone transfers or for urn giving loved ones a perpetual resting place.

Now in Naga, soon in Minglanilla, Toledo and Moalboal


Community Vault  –  Price:  51,962.00 – 55,858.00

A beautifully designed row vault where your family could find time to relax and reminisce.

This 1m x 1m x 2.5m vault allows single interment without compromising the expression of endearment and eternal remembrance.


Payment Scheme:  Lawn Lot
Spot Cash:
10% –  discount from the total price
Deferred CashPayment:
3% to 6% discount from 30 days to 60 days of payment.Zero Interest:
12 months to 18 months.
Installment Scheme:
24 months to 60 months.
Sample Computation:
Phase 2
Lawn Lot – Regular
Total Contract Price:   112,716
Downpayment :  2,500
      60 months –  2,714
      48 months –  3,159
      36 months –  3,913
      24 months –  5,436


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